Cloud dev environments.
No setup required.

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Launch a dev environment and start coding fast - without spending time on setup and configuration.


For Coders

Production Hardware

Write code using hardware built for the job. Scale to as many cores and as much RAM as you need.

Code Anywhere

A maxed-out laptop is no longer necessary. Code on any device - all you need is a browser.

Your Favorite Languages

Spin up a ready-to-code environment in any language in a matter of minutes.

For Teams

Works on everyone's machine

Create pre-configured development environments using the same operating system, binaries, and VS Code extensions.

Speed up onboarding

Assign pre-configured environments to new hires and get them coding quickly.

Collaborate with ease

Code in the same workspace with your peers using Google Docs style editing.

Join the early access list

Kinetic is in active development. Join the early access list and you'll get:

  • - Access to the beta when it launches
  • - Access to the Kinetic Slack community
  • - A weekly email to sharpen your cloud computing knowledge

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